Redox Supplement Facts

What is ASEA Redox Supplement?

ASEA Redox Supplement is an innovative water-based product that helps the bodymaintain a healthy balance of redox signaling molecules, generate energy, activateantioxidants, and work the way it should. It’s a natural health product that positivelyimpacts the cellular health of every system of the body as soon as you start using it.ASEA has developed the only technology that can create and stabilize active redoxsignaling molecules in a digestible form. This proprietary process suspends theselife-giving molecules in a pristine solution—a first-of-its-kind, cutting-edgehealth breakthrough.

Drinking ASEA Redox Supplement every day enhances the ability of every cell in yourbody to function at a higher level, positively affecting the health of every system ofthe body. And drinking ASEA Redox Supplement every day is a simple thing to do, and itenhances the ability of every cell in your body to function and communicate —allowing you to experience the vitality of real health and wellness.

How does ASEA Redox Supplement work?

ASEA Redox Supplement contains life-sustaining redox signaling molecules, the samemolecules that exist in the cells of the human body, suspended in a pristine salinesolution. Due to aging and the grind of everyday life, our bodies lose their ability tofunction at optimal levels. Redox signaling molecules found in ASEA Redox Supplementwork at the cellular level to provide our bodies the additional support they need tostay active and energized longer.

How is ASEA redox supplement absorbed?

ASEA Redox Supplement is absorbed quickly through water absorption channels in thesoft tissues of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach lining.

How much ASEA Redox Supplement should I drink? Does it change when I work out?

Years of use among consumers has shown that drinking two to four ounces of ASEARedox Supplement per day is sufficient for routine health maintenance. However, whenthe body is stressed or challenged, it can be beneficial to drink more. Athletes whoplace high demands on their bodies, for example, drink up to 8 oz. before intensivetraining or competitions. Drinking larger amounts of ASEA is safe.

Can I drink ASEA water with a meal?

General guidelines are to drink ASEA Redox Supplement, at least, five minutes beforea meal or after a consumed meal has had time to feel settled.

Are there any precautions related to drinking ASEA Redox Supplement?

ASEA Redox Supplement is proven safe to all tissues, organs, and systems of thebody. But because it is so effective in supporting cellular messaging, it may increasethe efficiency of certain message carriers in the body, such as hormones, insulin, andadrenaline. If you take anything of this type, carefully monitor yourself and makeadjustments to compensate, with the aid of your doctor, if needed.

I have salt sensitivity. How much salt is in ASEA Redox Supplement?

One ounce of ASEA Redox Supplement has less salt than a single carrot. Normally, thebody easily handles the salt in your diet. Check the label where the salt content isindicated to calculate that into your diet as needed.

Does freezing or heat affect ASEA Redox Supplement?

ASEA Redox Supplement is stable up to temperatures of 300°F. Its redox signalingmolecules can withstand microwaving, refrigeration, and freezing. While freezing shouldbe avoided if possible, frozen ASEA Redox Supplement should be completely thawed,allowed to stand, and then shaken before using.

What is the difference between ASEA Redox Supplement and alkaline water?

Most alkaline waters on the market are produced by hooking up ordinary tap water toan electrolysis chamber that filters the water and separates it into its alkaline andacidic components. The alkaline water is generally unstable and should be consumedimmediately, while the acidic water is generally dangerous to ingest. ASEA RedoxSupplement is not alkaline water. It starts as ultrapure water and salt that thenundergoes a complex multi-step electrochemical process over three days. Complexchemistry and physics are involved in the production process, with tightly controlledquality assurance and production parameters and neutral pH (7.35). The finished productcontains a perfectly balanced, safe, stable mixture of redox signaling molecules suchas those natively produced by the mitochondria inside all cells in your body.

Does ASEA redox water supplement contain chlorine?

No chlorine is added to our ASEA Redox Supplement. However, a trace amount ofchlorine is created in ASEA Redox Supplement’s pristine saline solution as aby-product of the patented process it goes through to create redox signaling molecules.It exists in low doses and causes none of the irritation that chlorine can cause inhigher concentrations.

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