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Category: Safety Studies

ASEA Redox Supplement In Vitro Product Safety Study

ASEA commissioned Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to study the toxicity response of eukaryotic cells when in contact with ASEA Redox Supplement. Eukaryotic cells contain an array of cellular structures that play important roles in energy balance, metabolism, and gene expression. These cells, when stressed by a toxin, respond by sending transcription factors—proteins that control which […]

October 7, 2016

ASEA Redox Supplement Human Consumption Safety Study

A study conducted by researchers at Appalachian State University looked at ASEA Redox Supplement consumption by 106 people and found that those who participated reported no adverse effects throughout the course of evaluation. Study Protocol For this randomized, placebo-controlled study, a total of 106 overweight women, ages 20 to 73 years, ingested four fluid ounces […]

September 29, 2016

Safety and Classification of ASEA Products

As the popularity of ASEA’s products grows and the global trend of cellular health increases, it is important to understand how the company has ensured that the products are safe and that they meet the highest level of production standards. How are the ASEA products regulated, and what are the safety standards the production facilities […]

February 16, 2016