Influence of a redox-signaling supplement on biomarkers of physiological stress in athletes: a metabolomics approach

Abstract: The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

We determined if drinking ASEA™, a redox-signaling molecule beverage, would improve cycling performance, counter inflammation, oxidative stress, and immune dysfunction, and alter the metabolite profile. Cyclists (n = 20) participated in a randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled, crossover study. Subjects completed two 75km time trials (TT) after 1 wk ingestion of 118 mL/d ASEA or placebo (PL). Subjects ingested 473 mL ASEA or PL during the TT. Blood samples were taken pre, post, 1h post-exercise (Ex). ASEA did not improve TT performance (p = .95). The Ex-induced pattern of change in inflammation, oxidative stress, and immunity did not differ (p>.05) between ASEA vs. PL. The metabolomic profiles (GC/MS) of ASEA and PL samples were clearly separated by partial least square discriminant analysis when using pre-Ex data (Q2Y = .71), and when using the ratio of 1h post-Ex to pre-Ex (Q2Y = .68). Linear modeling found that ASEA supplementation caused a significant shift in 43 metabolites pre-Ex, especially free fatty acids, suggesting an enhanced fat oxidation and amino acid sparing, with an increase in ascorbic acid, during Ex. Within the context of this study, 1-wk ASEA supplementation caused extensive fatty acid mobilization before and during Ex, with no apparent influence on TT performance and traditional biomarkers of inflammation, oxidative stress, and immunity.

Physiology – Endocrinoloy and Metabolism:

R. Andrew Shanely, David C. Nieman, Dru A. Henson, Amy M. Knab, Lynn Cialdella-Kam, Mary Pat Meaney, Sara Baxter, and Wei Sha. Influence of a redox-signaling supplement on biomarkers of physiological stress in athletes: a metabolomics approach.FASEB J April 2012 26:lb713. Source:

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