ASEA Redox Supplement Human Consumption Safety Study

A study conducted by researchers at Appalachian State University looked at ASEA Redox Supplement consumption by 106 people and found that those who participated reported no adverse effects throughout the course of evaluation.

Study Protocol
For this randomized, placebo-controlled study, a total of 106 overweight women, ages 20 to 73 years, ingested four fluid ounces of ASEA Redox Supplement or placebo each day for 12 weeks in randomized groups under double-blind conditions. The placebo beverage contained a pure saline solution similar to ASEA Redox Supplement but without catalytic processing.

Results Summary
Blood samples were collected pre-study and then monthly during the study and analyzed for comprehensive diagnostic chemistries at the Carolina Medical Center Clinical Laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina. ASEA Redox Supplement compared to placebo ingestion over 12 weeks was not associated with changes in liver and kidney function in these subjects.

Complete blood counts (CBC) were measured pre- and post-study, and showed no group differences over time for hemoglobin, hematocrit, and red blood cell counts. Participants reported no adverse effects, and investigators found that no significant group differences were measured. Based on this evidence, the researchers concluded that ASEA Redox Supplement is safe for human consumption under the recommended usage instructions.

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