ASEA RENU Advanced: Product Safety and Skin Sebum Balance

Researchers at Dermatest performed both a dermatological expertise on a clinical-dermatological application test to thoroughly check the compatibility of the formulation based on clinical-dermatological criteria. The study also included a dermatology specialist expertise analysis on sebum (skin fat) using RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser.

Study Protocol

Over a 4-week study period, 20 adult male and female participants cleansed their face with the product RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser once per day. Skin sebum (fat) was measured using Sebumetry in three spots on each panelist’s face before and after 4 weeks. Sebumetry is used to quantify the fat content of the skin. A semi-transparent synthetic film becomes transparent at the point of contact with the skin’s sebum. Once the probe presses against the skin, a light is projected through the synthetic film and reflected by a mirror. The transmission of the light is captured by a photocell and then measured. The luminous intensity recorded is an indication of the sebum content of the skin at the test site.

Results Summary

• Skin sebum (fat) balanced with an average decrease of 16.94% over four weeks.
• Dermatological assessment found no undesired reactions or pathological skin effects
• No skin irritation or sensitizing characteristics were associated with the product