Effect of RENU Advanced Anti-Aging Face Care System on Human Skin

ASEA commissioned Stephens Associates to perform a clinical dermatological evaluation to analyze the effect of the RENU Advanced Anti-aging Face Care system in improving the severity of common aging issues.

Study Protocol

A total of 40 panelists enrolled in an eight-week clinical trial to investigate how the use of RENU Advanced Skin Care supports healthy aging and prevents or delays the onset of age-related decline. Researchers used the Stephens Wrinkle Imaging using Raking Light (SWIRL) for an objective and quantitative assessment of facial imagery of before and after treatment from cosmetic products. The SWIRL method analyzes the wrinkle severity at multiple areas on the face, such as the crow’s feet, under-eye, forehead, and upper lip areas. This approach has been validated through clinical studies and demonstrates excellent correlation with clinical grading. Participants applied the RENU Advanced system twice per day for eight weeks following the prescribed directions. Investigators evaluated facial imagery taken at the beginning of the study, at four weeks and eight weeks. Panelist completed product evaluation at the conclusion of the assessment. These clinical trials followed Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations and guidelines and Institutional Review Board (IRB) regulations.

Results Summary

SWIRL analysis measured the following results.
• Fine lines decreased an average of 20%
• Visible photo damage decreased an average of 10%
• Skin smoothness improved an average of 19% Panelist Survey Results
• 100% reported a visible decrease in numerous, deep fine lines
• 100% reported measurably smoother skin
• 95% reported noticeably firmer skin
• 90% indicated a decrease in visible photo-damaged skin
• 90% reported more radiant skin
• 85% noted a visible decrease in number and depth of wrinkles