ASEA Cellular Renewal & Overall Health

Cellular renewal is extending the length of cell function through the repair or regeneration of cells.

Skin cells have a lifespan of about three to four weeks while red blood cells have the life expectancy of three months. Not every cell lasts the same amount of time, which leads scientists to posit that important signaling takes place in the body. These signals within the body dictate which cells should have protection and which cells should be discarded and regenerated.

It is hypothesized that toxins create wear and tear on our cells and damage their ability to function as well as they did upon generation. This damage to cells might possibly signal to the body that there must be a rapid regeneration of these cells.

It’s interesting to note that muscle and neuronal cells last an entire human life-cycle. Damage to brain cells can result in memory loss which supports the theory that cell turnover assists in the loss of memory.

Research throughout the last few years has helped scientists better understand how bodies react and protect themselves from oxidative stress.

We know that antioxidants in fruit and veggies have the potential to create important signals to body cells. Which led ASEA to ask, “If antioxidants are signaling molecules, do oxidants act as signaling molecules?” We found that the answer to this question was, in fact, true and that oxidants can create even stronger signals than antioxidants.

ASEA‘s products, RENU 28 and ASEA Redox Supplement contain redox signaling molecules to replenish what the body has lost. Read the original post about ASEA’s Cellular Health Renewal.